The Bergen County Department of Parks & Recreation is pleased to announce the launch of a
new online permitting portal! The online portal can now accept applications for Picnic,
Camping and Photo permits. PDF applications for additional types of
permits are available below. The online system will continue to update to accept all Parks
Department permit applications in the near future.  

Online Permit System

The following permits can be obtained online at

  • Picnic
  • Camping
  • Photo
  • Athletic Field
  • Out of County Archery
  • Bleacher
  • Electric Airplane
  • Showmobile

After an initial account is created with the portal, patrons will be able to apply for, pay for, and
obtain a permit.




Other Applications

Applications can be emailed to, faxed to 201-336-7262, mailed or
dropped off to One Bergen County Plaza in Hackensack. 

Please email or call 201-336-7261 with any additional questions.

For more information on filming in Bergen County Parks,
please visit the Bergen County Film & TV Office


When is a permit required?

A permit is required if you are gathering in a County Park with a group of 10 or more. Groups of less than 10 may use unoccupied picnic areas on a first come first serve basis.

Do I need a special event permit or a picnic permit?

If you are using park areas as is, you need a picnic permit. A special event permit is required for the set-up of tents or other equipment, or if you are having a 5K, concert, festival, or other type of event.

How much does a picnic permit cost?

10-49 $75.00 $125.00 $125.00
50-99 $125.00 $175.00 $175.00
100-149 $175.00 $225.00 $225.00
150-199 $225.00 $275.00 $275.00
1-199 $195.00 $275.00 $275.00

Do I need a permit to use an athletic field at the park?

Yes, a permit must be obtained to use an athletic field. An athletic field application must be submitted and additional fees apply.

Can I have a food truck at the park?

We do not allow food trucks for picnic permits. Food trucks are allowed for approved special events and require a health inspection and/or fire inspection. Additional fees apply for these inspections.

Can I grill at the park?

Electric and propane grills are not permitted. You may bring your own charcoal grill to use at all parks except Overpeck County Park. Charcoal must be disposed of properly and may not be left on grass. If the Parks Department has to clean up after you, you will not receive your security deposit refund.

Can I set up a tent at the park?

We do not allow pop up tents for picnic permits. Tents are allowed for approved special events, and tents over 600 sq. feet require an inspection by the Bergen County Fire Marshal.

Are inflatables, bounce houses, or amusement rides allowed at the park?

We do not allow inflatables, bounce houses, or amusement rides for picnic permits. They are allowed for approved special events, and require an inspection from the Bergen County Fire Marshal once constructed prior to use.

Are there grills located in Bergen County Parks?

There are stationary grills located at Picnic Area B at Van Saun County Park, and Birch Picnic Area at Darlington County Park. Charcoal grills may be used at all County Parks other than Overpeck County Park. Hot coals must be disposed into ash barrels and grills may not be placed on picnic tables. Propane grills are not allowed.

Is there an entrance fee to enter the park?

Per person entrance fees are charged at Darlington County Park during the swim season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and at the Bergen County Zoo in Van Saun County Park. All other parks are free to enter.

How do I get my security deposit back?

Your security deposit is typically returned to your original payment method within 1 week of your permitted date, as long as the area was left clean and undamaged.

How can I pay for the permit?

You can pay for your permit via credit card or e-check. A flat rate processing fee of $1.50 is charged for e-checks, and 2.65% for credit card payments.

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