Strategic Public Health Planning &
Workforce Development

Who We Are

The Office of Strategic Public Health Planning and Workforce Development is comprised of three programs: Strategic Planning, the Community Health Improvement Partnership and Workforce Development.


What We Do

Community Health Improvement Partnership of Bergen County (CHIP):

  • Facilitation of the County Health Needs Assessment with the non-profit hospitals
  • Addresses health priorities and implements health improvement strategies
  • Sponsors educational programs for professionals and community members
  • Collaborates with partners to identify, publicize and leverage resources 

Strategic Planning:

  • Responsible for guiding the BCDHS through the public health accreditation process and completing necessary steps and documentation
  • Development of the Department's Strategic Plan
  • Assists with development of public health policies and plans


Workforce Development:

  • Provides classes and continuing education credits to BCDHS staff and the community in public health-related areas
  • Supports partnerships with nursing, high school and college students to provide learning opportunities in public health careers



Contact Us

Marla Klein

Partnership Coordinator

Phone: 201-634-2693

 Bergen County Department of Health Services

One Bergen County Plaza  • 4th Floor • Hackensack, NJ 07601-7076

Phone: 201-634-2600 • Fax: 201-336-6086

Health & Safety Hotline: 201-225-7000