What is Digital Safety?

Many of the survivors and community members we partner with at Alternatives to Domestic Violence will say that knowledge and access to information was pivotal in their discovery of support, resources, and immediate help in situations of abuse. With the help of technology, safehouse directories, counseling services, safety planning, support persons, and effective coping strategies be become more easily accessible to persons experiencing domestic violence, especially those who have been isolated or mislead by abusive parties about their options.

However, we recognize that technology is a powerful vehicle and tool that can also be misused by abusive parties to monitor their victim’s activities and perpetrate more severe forms of abuse in a coercive relationship. Digital safety refers to the safety strategies individuals can practice to protect their digital information from unwanted surveillance, hacking, tracking, or manipulation.

If you are experiencing abuse in your relationship, this page is intended to help you take precautions and steps to protect your information while using technology, the internet, and social media platforms.

Click here to leave ADV’s website and go to www.support.apple.com to learn how to use Safety Check on iPhone.

How to Clear your Cache and your History

Want to learn more about digital and technology safety?

safety net projectThe National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) has developed www.techsafety.org, a powerful resource to victims and survivors of domestic violence looking for detailed safety tips and suggestions for how to address digital abuse and improve technology safety & privacy.

In addition to more tips and strategies on how to recognize and document digital forms of abuse, www.techsafety.org also offers resources and guides on password safety, online privacy and safety, stalkerware and location tracking, teens & technology, and use of smart home devices and electronics.

Click here to leave ADV’s website and go to www.techsafety.org to access their Technology Safety & Privacy: A Toolkit for Survivors.

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