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The Office for Children is open. Please call 201-336-7150 to schedule an appointment. We ask that you please use email and submit applications and all documents to Do not mail or fax documents.

New Jersey Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) assists with child care costs for low and moderate income families.

For eligibility guidelines for NJCCAP, visit In Bergen County, the NJ Child Care Assistance Program is administered by the Office for Children. 

NJ Child Care Assistance Program Brochure

View Frequently Asked Questions about NJCCAP

Work First NJ (WFNJ)

WFNJ participants are eligible for child care subsidy assistance if they need child care to work, look for work, or participate in an approved work activity. Transitional Child Care benefits may be provided for up to two years when a WFNJ participant gets a job and is no longer receiving cash assistance through the WNFJ program. In Bergen County, the WFNJ child care subsidy program is administered through the Office for Children. Eligibility for WFNJ benefits is determined by the Bergen County Board of Social Services. Find more information about WFNJ eligibility and how to apply.

Child Care for Homeless Families

Experiencing homelessness and needing child care services is a challenge. We make it easier for you to re-ceive help paying for child care even if you don’t have all of the required documents. If you lack a fixed and adequate nighttime residence, you would meet the definition of homeless. Specifically that means living in:

  • Shared housing due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason
  • Motels, hotels, or campgrounds because you don’t have alternative accommodations
  • Emergency or transitional shelters
  • Locations not designed or intended for human sleeping, such as park benches, cars, parks, public spaces, bus or train stations, or abandoned buildings

If you are facing one of these situations and are unable to provide the necessary documents with your appli-cation, you may have up to six months to submit the required paperwork. During this time, your family can start receiving child care assistance.


The KINSHIP Navigator Child Care Subsidy Program is a federally funded program created to help grandpar-ents, relatives and friends who are providing care for children who are unable to live with their birth parents/legal guardian. If you are a family member raising your relative's children, you may be eligible for child care assistance. Please call Bergen County Office for Children at 201-336-7150 for an application. Eligibility for the Kinship Program is based on the caregiver’s family size and household income. Additional eligibility requirements are:

  • The caregiver must be legally or biologically related to the child or the primary caregiver of the child
  • The child must reside with the caregiver for at least one year
  • The child cannot have an open DCP&P case
  • A caregiver under the age of 60 must be employed or enrolled in a college/school/training program
  • A caregiver over 60 years old, or disabled, does NOT have to meet the above requirements

PACC (Post Adoption Child Care)

PACC is a child care subsidy program for children adopted from foster care. Upon finalization of the child’s adoption, the family will receive a referral packet from the court for child care services. To be eligible to ap-ply for the PACC Program, applicants must:

  • Be a resident of Bergen County
  • Child must be between the ages of birth up to six years of age
  • Complete and return the enclosed child care application packet within 90 days of the adoption finaliza-tion. Included with the application must be the child’s DCP&P Adoption Referral letter, the “Criteria for Post Adoption Child Care Subsidy” Form and all mentioned required documents
  • Meet one of the following criteria:
    • *Work – 30 or more hours per week OR
    • *Full time student – 12+ credits per semester / 9+ credits in summer OR
    • *Training/Vocational School – 20 or more classroom hours per week OR
    • *Combination of work and school to meet full time requirement

Links for Additional Assistance

NJ One App

You can screen online to see if your family qualifies for Health and Social services in about 10-15 minutes, and can apply for NJ Social Services in about 20-45 minutes.

Earned Income Tax Credits

Families in New Jersey may be eligible for both federal and state Earned Income Tax Credits. These credits reduce the amount of tax owed for eligible low income workers and may provide a refund, even if the person has no tax liability. Visit the New Jersey EITC website for more information. You can also visit the Federal EITC website for more information.

Federal Child & Dependent Care Credits

You may be eligible for these tax benefits that can help you pay for child care and other expenses. Visit the National Women’s Law Center website for more information.

Employer Assistance & Flexible Spending Accounts

Ask your employer if a flexible spending account is offered or if other benefits are offered to assist with child care expenses. With a flexible spending account, child care expenses are paid with “before tax” earnings. Visit the National Women's Law Center website for more detailed information about flexible spending accounts.

Kinship Navigator

Kinship caregivers may be eligible to receive a variety of support services and financial aid (including child care subsidy) through the NJ Kinship Navigator Program. Kinship caregivers are special people who have taken on the responsibility of caring for their relatives’ children – these children might be the caregiver's siblings, nieces, nephews, or, most often, their grandchildren. For information on eligibility and services, call the Kinship Navigator toll-free at 211.

Child Care Military Fee Assistance Programs

View information on child care assistance for military families.

NJ Family Care

View information on affordable health insurance coverage from NJ Family Care. 

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