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The Bergen County Mosquito Control Division provides for the safety of the community by controlling the population of mosquitos in Bergen County.

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The Bergen County Mosquito Control Division, founded in 1914, has the goal of reducing the number of nuisance and disease-transmitting mosquitos within the county. The division employs numerous field-tested techniques in its efforts to control mosquito outbreaks and the insects’ impact on Bergen’s residents. All of this work is done with minimal impact on the environment. The program can be summarized as follows: 

  • Water Management – When assistance is requested from municipalities, this division will carry out extensive efforts to remove blockages from Bergen County waterways and to maintain drainage systems as required. Such work is done carefully, with the potential impact on the environment in mind. This program helps to reduce the use on insecticides needed to control mosquitos.
  • Larval Control – Mosquitos all start out in water, as larvae, or “wrigglers”. In areas where water management is not feasible, larval control is necessary. Some locations are suitable for stocking with mosquito eating fish, which provide continuous biological control of mosquitos. In other areas, larvicides may be used to eliminate mosquitos. We choose only low-impact products for this purpose, and these products are distributed by our trained staff. Locations receive treatment only when surveys show that large numbers of mosquitos are a threat to populated regions. These products are put out by hand crews, by light ground equipment or by helicopter. Larval habitats are treated only when larvae are present.
  • Adult Control – Although this is the most visible aspect of mosquito control, the division considers this to be the last resort. We try to halt mosquitos before they are out and airborne. When adult control is needed because of severe mosquito infestation, we generally use truck-mounted sprayers which distribute a prescribed amount of material per acre. Sometimes, small hand sprayers are used to treat remote locations.

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