Voting By Mail

You must submit an application to the County Clerk's Election Division. These applications are available at the County Clerk's Election Division, at your local municipal clerk's office, or you may download and print the vote-by-mail application.

Applications must be received in the county clerk's office (not postmarked) by close of business no later than 7 days prior to Election Day. Applications may also be submitted at any time prior to this deadline for any election in the calendar year. Your ballot will be sent to the address provided on your application.

You, or an authorized messenger acting on your behalf, may also apply for a mail-in ballot in person at the county clerk's office at any time up until 3 p.m. on the day before an election. 

If a circumstance should arise after the 3 p.m. deadline, and you still wish to vote, you or your authorized messenger must come to the county clerk's office before close of business. Arrangements will be made to have you to appear before a judge, who will issue a court order for the county clerk to issue you a ballot for that election.

Vote-by-Mail Application Instructions

The Vote-By-Mail application includes several sections that require information such as your name, address, date of birth, phone number, etc. The application also lets you choose from several options. There are also more detailed vote-by-mail instructions available.

For Upcoming Elections

By filing out sections 1 through 9 and checking off the box in Section 1 for the upcoming election you wish to vote in, you will receive a mail-in ballot for just that particular election.

For The Calendar Year

By checking off Box "A" in section 10 and filling out sections 2 through 9, you will receive a ballot for every election to be held during that calendar year. From then on, in January of each year you will receive a new application from the county clerk's office. You must fill out and return it to the county clerk's office. You will then receive mail-in ballots automatically for all elections during the year, until you request otherwise in writing. Note that this option must be renewed each January.

For All Future November General Elections

By checking off Box "B" in Section 10 and filling out Sections 2 through 9, you will receive a mail-in ballot for all future November general elections. You will continue to receive mail-in ballots for each November general election until you request otherwise in writing.

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