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Addiction Recovery Program

What is the Addiction Recovery Program (ARP)?

The program provides outpatient treatment services to, self referred, court-mandated, Probation, Parole, DCPP, DUI and Family Court clients.

What is the goal of ARP?

ARP helps people with alcohol and/or drug related problems when those problems affect their ability to perform on the job, at home or in society. The goal of the program is to help clients obtain and maintain a sober, drug-free and productive life. The program is completely confidential. Services are provided in a safe and supportive environment. Each client is served with dignity and respect.

How does the program work?

ARP helps clients look at their relationship with alcohol and/or drugs, and recognize its impact on their lives. This is accomplished on an outpatient basis by combining personalized treatment plans with the Twelve Step approach.

What type of treatment is offered?

Treatment includes education, individual and group counseling. Counselors help each client develop a plan to achieve abstinence, develop new ways of coping, build a more positive self-image and realize personal goals.

Services Include:

  • Assessment/Evaluation
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient treatment
  • DUI treatment groups
  • Referrals to community resources


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