Damage Assessment & Recovery

After a disaster or other significant event, the emergency manager's role is to facilitate recovery. Recovery assistance may be available to citizens, businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental jurisdictions.

The first part of the recovery phase of an emergency is accurately assessing the amount of damage that was caused. The physical damage to buildings and infrastructure are recorded, compiled Countywide, and evaluated by State and Federal Emergency Management officials.

Damage assessment in Bergen is augmented by a mutual aid group of building code officials who can assist the municipal emergency management coordinator when local resources for damage assessment are exceeded. Additionally, County, State and Federal officials may assist with the process.

If damage is sufficient to warrant Federal aid, moneys may be made available in the forms of grants or low-interest loans to residents, businesses and/or governments. In the event that Bergen County is declared a Federal Disaster Area a Damage Application Center will be established to assist residents in recovering from the effects of the disaster.