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Pesticides being used


The NJDEP, Pesticide Control Program have conducted a series of use surveys in which the information is used by agencies within the NJDEP to help research and monitor efforts in areas such as ground water protection, farm worker protection, education and residual pesticide sampling. 

Three of the use surveys address pesticide usage with respect to lawn care, golf courses, and agricultural uses. According to the report, the survey information is provided by the applicators. NJDEP, Pesticide Control Program indicates that they receive better than a 90% response rate.

History of Results

As one would expect, the agricultural use of pesticides in Bergen County is very low. In 1985, Bergen County accounted for 0.4% of the total use of agricultural pesticides within the State. By 1997 this dropped to 0.2%. 

With regard to pesticides used at golf courses, in the 1990 survey, Bergen County accounted for 12.7% of the total used, and in the 1999 survey, Bergen County accounted for 9.3%. However, the number of golf courses was also reduced from 23 to 20 in that same time period. 

Greatest Pesticide Usage

The area, which shows the greatest amount of pesticide use, is in the lawn care chemicals. In the 1995 survey of lawn care applicators, Bergen County accounted for 11.4% of the total pesticides used, but by 1998, the amount increased to 18.1%.

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