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New Jersey Transit Buses
NJ Transit offers lift-equipped buses on both local and transit commuter routes. Not all local bus trips are accessible. Check your NJ Transit timetable for bus trips marked with a “W” to determine which trips are available for people who require the use of lifts. For commuter routes, there are a limited number of buses available with wheelchair or disabled person accessibility and they run on designated routes. Some run on assigned trips and are indicated in the timetable with a “W”.

Access Link
Access Link is available to disabled clients who live within three quarters of a mile of a bus route but are unable to use the public transportation. This service is available the same hours as the public bus system. Call 800-955-2321 and ask for an assessment.

NJ Transit’s Reduced Fares
Senior citizens and disabled residents can ride on most of the state’s buses for a reduced fare during off peak hours. The reduced fare is one-half the regular one way fare, rounded down to the nearest five cents. The program is now in effect all day. To ride at the reduced fare you must have an identification card. A reduced fare ticket and the reduced fare ticket and the appropriate reduced fare. A Medicate card can be used as identification or you can obtain a special Reduced Fare Identification Card. Applications for senior citizens and reduced fare tickets can be obtained at most banks in New Jersey. Disabled person who do not have a Medicare card must call the Reduced Fare Program office for an application, which must be filed out by a doctor.

For further details, call the Reduced Fare Program office at 201-761-8327 between 8:45 a.m. and 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday.