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Animal Rescue Groups
Group Approval
Rescue groups must be pre-approved by the shelter director. We require that a group have written adoption policies and an adoption contract that does not conflict with those of the shelter. You must demonstrate that your group has the resources to provide adequate sheltering and veterinary care and that you will take responsibility for the pet if the adoption does not work out. 

We require two references, one from a vet you work with and one from a recognized breed club, shelter, or another rescue group that can vouch for you. Once you are approved, you do not need to go through this process to pull another animal.

Animal Placement Approval
Each animal to be placed with a rescue must also be approved by the shelter director. In general, an animal that we feel will be easily adopted at our shelter will not be approved for a rescue unless it has been at the shelter for a while. Pets on stray-hold are not available to rescue. Please email the shelter to ask for rescue approval. 

Often we have more than one rescue asking about the same animal. Arrangements must be made in advance for a rescue group to come and evaluate an animal for possible placement. Shelter policy mandates neutering before adoption for cats, dogs, ferrets, and rabbits. This surgery must be scheduled before any rescue may be approved.

Alterations & Vaccines
The shelter will neuter and provide vaccinations and flea treatment. We do diagnostic bloodwork when medically necessary. You will need to schedule a full check-up with your vet within the first two weeks after the adoption. If within those two weeks serious medical or behavior problems become present that you can't handle, we will take the animal back. 

We don't charge an adoption fee for a pre-approved rescue. Please spend the money on the pet's veterinary care.

When Listing Only
If you can't pull animals, but can list them for adoption, assist with breed evaluations or refer potential adopters to the shelter, please let us know. If you can't pull immediately, but will within a reasonable time frame, we will make every effort to hold that animal. If we find a suitable home before you can pick up the animal, we reserve the right to cancel the rescue. 

Please be aware that we are a high-volume animal control shelter with an ever-changing population of hundreds of animals.

Shipping of Animals
We do not ship animals, but have worked with local rescues that have made transportation arrangements to place the pet with a distant group.