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Health Publications
The Office of Health Promotion coordinates the development and dissemination of educational and promotional literature for the Bergen County Department of Health Services. The publications included here represent only a small portion of those available.

For more information about these publications, or for information regarding topics not listed here, please contact the Health Promotion Resource Center.


  • Anthrax Facts - provides basic information about anthrax. Topics include how the disease is spread, types of anthrax, symptoms and treatment and how to protect against infection. A good primer.

  • Asthma: Take Control - The word list for this black and white activity sheet includes airways, cold, furry, respiratory, and peak flow among others. A great way to start a discussion or reinforce lessons about asthma.

Dental Health
  • Brush Up on Dental Health - A one-page check list of good dental health habits. Ideal to use with elementary school children, but appropriate for all ages.

  • 10 Tips for Building Self-Esteem - A positive self-image will help your child resist the temptations of drug and alcohol use. These handy tips can help children believe in themselves.

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Emergency Preparedness

  • Commonly Asked Questions about Mold - A basic primer on mold, this brochure includes information on the effects of mold on health; types of mold, including Stachybotrys chartarum (SC); procedures for cleaning; and where to get more information.
  • Mercury Exposure: Reducing Your Risk - Topics in this brochure include: How Are You Exposed to Mercury?, Mercury in the Environment, The Mercury Cycle, Who Is At Risk?, and Cautionary Measures. A link to the latest New Jersey Fish Advisories is included.

Food Safety
  • Combating Bacteria in Office Kitchens - A one-page summary of the dangers from kitchen coffee and proper cleaning techniques.
  • How Safe Are Your Fruits and Vegetables? - Fruits and vegetables are now responsible for more food-borne illness than meat, poultry or eggs. This brochure presents simple guidelines that will help decrease your risk of food poisoning.
  • What You Can Do To Reduce Your Risk of Listeriosis - Anyone can become infected with listeria, but pregnant women, newborns, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk. Learn the simple procedures that can reduce the risk of listeriosis, a food-borne illness. Includes recommendations of importance of all individuals as well as those of particular importance for high risk individuals.

Hand Washing

  • AIDS Word Search - A word search activity containing words relating to HIV/AIDS. Also includes basic definitions. Suitable for elementary students.
  • Basic Facts about HIV/AIDS - A two-page black and white flyer with basic information about HIV/AIDS and a local resource list.
  • Facts about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) - A single table includes information on symptoms, transmission, diagnosis and consequences of lack of treatment for each STD. Other information includes addresses and phone numbers of local treatment centers and guidelines to protect yourself and your partner.
  • How to Talk with Your Child About HIV/AIDS - Talking with children at a young age helps establish a pattern of communication that will continue. This brochure explains how to talk to children about HIV/AIDS and suggests information appropriate for children in grades K - 12.
  •  HIV, Hepatitis, Injection Drugs- HIV, Hepatitis and Drug Abuse Preventing Infection among People Who Inject Drugs 

Holiday Safety

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Injury Control
  • "Poison-Proof" Your Home! - Provides helpful guides for protecting your family from accidental poisonings; also includes 1-800-222-1222 - for prompt telephone medical advice for treating an accidental poisoning.
  • Preventing Dog Bites - Dogs are wonderful pets, but a dog bite can result in serious harm. Learn tips for preventing bites and the importance of reporting them to your local health department in this brochure.
  • Stop, Drop and Roll! - A one-page flyer emphasizing the correct safety procedure in the event clothing catches on fire. Intended for use with early elementary school students.

Insects and Pests
  • Bedbugs - A one-page, full-color flyer that describes what bedbugs are, how to treat bites and suggestions for getting rid of bedbugs. Also available in Spanish.

Lead Poisoning
  • Learn about Lead - This one-page, full color flyer includes tips for staying safe from lead, how to check for lead poisoning in children and sources of information.

Lyme Disease
  • Find the Word - Words are hidden vertically or horizontally, forward, backward or diagonal. A great activity sheet for children to reinforce protection from Lyme.
  • Lyme Disease. Tips for Personal Protection - This one-page flyer includes easy, safe ways to decrease your chances of getting a tick bit. Easy reading for all ages.
  • Recommended Procedure for Tick Removal - Thorough instructions for removing ticks are on one side of this flyer with a resource list including contact information for tick identification and analysis on the other.

Nutrition/Physical Activity
  • 10 Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch for Kids - gives practical suggestions for practicing good nutrition daily. Suggestions are targeted specifically to students in grades K-8, but all ages will find them a useful tool for making lunches healthy and enjoyable.
  • Control Your Hypertension the D.A.S.H. Diet Way - Provides an introduction to the DASH Diet Plan, featuring foods low in sodium, saturated fat, total fat and cholesterol and rich in fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy foods. The diet has been found to be effective in lowering blood pressure in extensive government research.
  • Fabulous Fruits and Versatile Vegetables - Many ideas for enjoying fruit and vegetables are included in this one-page flyer.
  • Healthy Snacks - A wealth of snack ideas are included in this one page flyer. The ideas included will appeal to snackers of all ages.
  • Lower Your Cholesterol with TLC! - Explains recently revised guidelines for reducing your risk of health disease. This brochure explains all three components of Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) and also includes the Daily Food Guide for the TLC diet.
  • Summer Word Search - A one-page activity sheet. Children in elementary grades find the names of favorite summer foods.
  • Walking. Step Up to a Lifetime of Health! - Includes tips on goal setting and finding a place to walk in addition to information on what you need to start walking and the benefits of walking. The log page will help you keep track of your success!
  • Women and Folic Acid: What's the Connection - Folic acid, also called folate, is a B vitamin that has a special role in reducing the risk of certain kinds of birth defects called neural tube defects. This brochure explains how much folic acid is enough and sources of this vitamin in food.

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  • A Bad Pack - A word search activity for elementary students. Words emphasize the dangers of smoking.


Summer Safety
  • Enjoy the Summer Safely. Be a Safe Swimmer - Enjoy the many water recreation facilities available in New Jersey safely. Safety guidelines for both swimming pools and tidal water are included.
  • Playing It Safe Is Cool: Water Helps Beat the Heat - Whether at work or at play, the body uses water to maintain temperature and cool working muscles. This one-page flyer includes tips to keep cool, warning signs of heat-related illness and strategies for cooling down while exercising.

West Nile Virus

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