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Family Guidance
Bergen County's Division of Family Guidance provides clinical, residential, educational, correctional, case management, and monitoring services to at-risk children, adolescents, and families, particularly those who are otherwise unable to receive needed services. It is Bergen County's resource for youth and families in need.

  • Collaborative, Creative, and Empirically Driven Programming
  • Safe, Respectful, Dependable, and Therapeutic Environments
  • Developmentally Appropriate Expectations
  • Empowerment through Opportunity
  • Community Safety

Available Resources

If your family is in conflict or has other mental health needs, ask about:
  • Juvenile Family Crisis Intervention Unit (JFCIU): a 24/7 program which manages conflicts between adolescents and parents, and addresses situations involving endangered juveniles, runaways, and truants. Call 201-336-7360.
  For the truancy reporting by school personnel:

Do you want your GED? Or do you want to do something different with your life? Ask about:
  • Bridges to Employment: a job-readiness, career development program to assist participants to become effective members of the workforce
  • Connections: an all-day GED preparation program to increase participants' chances to succeed in life
  • Reflections: an improvisational theatre group that explores adolescent issues
  • Youth Resource Center: an after-school program with visual arts, music, dance, cooking, and homework help for 13-18 year old youths

If you need a safe place to stay, ask about:
  • Bergen's Place Youth Shelter: a shelter for male and female juveniles between the ages of 11 and 17 years old who are Bergen County residents
  • Visions: a transitional residential program for males and females, 16½ - 21 years old, that develops independent living skills
  • Shelter-Plus Care: a collaboration with the Bergen County Housing Authority that provides a rental assistance housing program for young adults who are ready to be on their own

If you are involved with the Family Court you may be referred to:
  • Alternatives To Detention (ATD): a service which works closely with the Superior Court of NJ-Family Part to allow youths to remain in their community rather than at detention, while ensuring the youths' safety and the safety of the community
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP): a licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment program to assist youths and families recovering from substance abuse and chemical dependency
  • Forensic Unit: a diagnostic team which conducts court-ordered pre-sentencing evaluations of juveniles in order to assess the risk for sexual re-offense and violence in the future
  • Juvenile Detention Center (JDC): a secure residence that temporarily houses youths who have committed a delinquent act and are awaiting court action
  • Supervised Visitation Program (SVP): a court-ordered program that allows a non-custodial parent to visit with his/her child in a safe environment when supervision is required
  • Teen Re-Adjustment Program (TREAD): an outpatient program for juvenile sex offenders, focusing on eliminating further sexual misconduct
  • Transition: a program which monitors juveniles who have completed their sentences in Bordentown or a Fields program, and assists them in making a successful transition to their families and community

If there are significant educational issues you may be referred to one of these Division of Family Guidance and Bergen County Special Schools collaborative programs:
  • Alternative Core Education (ACE): a temporary educational program for juveniles who lack a current school placement and are awaiting the outcome of their legal issues
  • North Street School: an alternative therapeutic educational experience for court involved youth unable to attend classes in their home district school
  • Suspension Alternatives Program (SAP): a collaboration with the Bergen County Special Services and the Police Athletic League that intervenes with adolescents who are in conflict with their school systems
  • Venture: an extended school year program which addresses the therapeutic and educational needs of middle and high school aged students who are psychiatrically fragile
  • Venture Out: a program which provides intensive therapy and a life skills curriculum to foster independence for 18-21 year old students with psychiatric disorders

Nicholas A. Montello, Ph.D.

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