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Bergen County Clean Communities Mini-Grant Summary Report

  1. ie. 123 Main Street, Anytown, NJ 07000

  2. If you worked in more than one municipality, list the one where most of the cleanup occurred

  3. Enter 0 if not applicable

  4. Enter 0 if not applicable

  5. Please enter the geographic coordinates for your cleanup. Use the start location if you performed a cleanup along a roadway/stream or multiple locations within a town

  6. ie. 40.96007834

  7. ie. -74.07630021

  8. Please report on the litter or recyclable material you collected during your cleanup

  9. Number of volunteers multiplied by the duration of the cleanup

  10. Enter 0 if not applicable

  11. A 33 gallon bag=20 lbs. A 30-yd container=4,000 lbs.

  12. A 33-gallon bag of commingled recyclables=25 lbs. One auto battery=33 lbs.

  13. Cars and truck tires

  14. 1 car tire=20 Lbs. 1 truck tire=60 Lbs.

  15. If nothing, please put N/A

  16. Please provide a brief description of your cleanup project. Feel free to include any comments about the Bergen County Clean Communities Program

  17. **Please remember to SUBMIT digital photos of your garbage collection

  18. Leave This Blank:

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