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Garretson Farm

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Garretson Farm BarnGarretson Farm, near the Passaic River in Fair Lawn, is one of the oldest homesteads in Bergen County. The stone house and farm were occupied by six generations of the Garretson family, from 1720 through the middle of the 20th century.

The house is one of the oldest buildings in Bergen County reflecting approximately 300 years of architectural changes. The oldest sections have sandstone walls reflecting the early local Dutch-American settlers' preference for this sturdy, durable material. Around 1900, the house's original gable roofs were changed to gambrel roofs with dormers and the large front porch added. Today it is a furnished historic house museum containing a reconstructed jambless fireplace and brick beehive oven. In addition to the stone house, the site contains several outbuildings, including a barn and carriage shed, and an extensive heirloom garden.

Garretson Farm InteriorPeter Garretson, who was born in 1684, owned a large tract of land on the Passaic Riverand was probably the builder of the oldest wing of this stone house. The first member of the family to settle in the New World was Peter's grandfather Gerrit Gerritse who had emigrated in 1660 from Wageningen on the Rhine. The house continued to be occupied by Garretson descendants up until the death of Mary Garretson in 1950.

The property serves as the headquarters of the Garretson Forge and Farm Restoration, Inc. The society's volunteers conduct house tours and special events throughout the year, including the Harvest and Sheep-to-Shawl Festivals, and the Dutch Christmas celebration. The heirloom gardens are maintained by the Garretson Forge & Farm volunteers. Due to its historic significance, this sandstone house is officially listed on the New Jersey and the National Registers of Historic Places.