Vaccine Clinic

About the Clinic

In a joint effort with the New Jersey Department of Health since 1990, the shelter has participated in a comprehensive program to control rabies. In the past year more than 6,000 dogs and cats were given inoculations at its weekly clinic. The shelter continues to serve the municipalities that contract with it as a rabies control center. Starting in 2014, the clinics have expanded to offer additional vaccinations for a fee. For a complete list, see the vaccine registration form.

Please check our calendar for vaccine clinic dates and times.


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Vaccine clinics are open to residents of New Jersey or cats and dogs adopted from our shelter. There is no charge for the rabies vaccines; other vaccinations are offered for a fee. All animals that are brought must be restrained, either by collar and leash, or in a carrier. If your pet has had previous rabies, distemper and bordetella shots, please bring the certificate with you when you come to the clinic.

We will not be administering distemper or bordetella shots after 6:00pm on clinic dates. You must arrive no later than 6:00pm if you intend to receive a distemper or bordatella. Dogs and cats must be older than 4 months to receive a rabies shot. We cannot administer any other shots for pets less than a year old. Please see your veterinarian for your puppy's first set of vaccines.