Real Property Taxation

  1. Abstract of Ratables and Equalization Table

    View the abstract of ratables and equalizations throughout the years.

  2. Common Level Range and Average Ratios

  3. Board of Taxation

    Research the Board of Taxation, what they do, and who they are.

  4. Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability

    Learn the disclaimer and limitations of liability of taxation in the county.

  5. Legitimate Comparable Sale

    Get information about a legitimate comparable sale within the county.

  6. Municipal Tax Assessors

    Review information about the municipal tax assessors.

  7. Property Tax Information

    Find information on property taxes within the county.

  8. Senior Citizen Deduction

    Obtain information about senior citizen deductions.

  9. Tax Appeal

    Read about tax appeals and what goes into one. A guide to understanding the process

  10. Tax Glossary

    Browse through the tax glossary.

  11. Taxation Commissioners

    Check out information about the taxation commissioners and their roles.

  12. Taxpayer Bill of Rights

    Peruse through the Bill of Rights for taxpayers.

  13. Veterans Deduction

    Explore through the different deductions veterans are eligible for.