PST Training


The Bergen County Communication Center prides itself on the level of training each of our Public Safety Telecommunicators (PST) receive. A PST must be able to handle any situation that maybe on the other end of that 9-1-1 call. They are the link between you and emergency services.

40 hours of Emergency Communications Officer (APCO)
32 hours of Emergency Medial Dispatch (NJEMD)
8 hours of CPR
24 hours of CJIS/NCIC 
16 hours of CSI Infoshare CAD
6 hours of Infoshare
6 hours of WTH/ ThinkGIS
6 hours of QA/QI - Guide Card Review
8 hours of Command Post
640 hours of In-House Training
9 hours of Administrative Training
PST3 new patch.jpg
Total Amount of


Hours of Initial Training
Each year our PSTs receive refresher credits through our in-house training